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About PVCA

Penns Valley Conservation Association (PVCA) serves as a steward for the natural and cultural communities in the Upper Penns Creek watershed. We seek to preserve and honor the agricultural roots of Penns Valley by protecting and conserving its waters, farmlands, forests and rural heritage.

PVCA envisions an engaged community, where growth is balanced with support for healthy natural systems that foster the local economy.  Our valley has dark night skies, clear streams, healthy forests, prosperous farms, and local jobs.

Goals and Strategies

We accomplish our work through a variety of committees, comprised mostly of community volunteers.

Goal #1: To preserve and enhance the water quality of upper Penns Creek Watershed

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Continue the Stream Bank Fencing Program, and Riparian Habitat Restorations, and other projects that maintain and improve water quality.
  • Promote agricultural Best Management Pactices in the watershed.
  • Identify and tap potential funding sources for these programs.
  • Form partnerships and recruit volunteers for projects and identified needs.
  • Develop a method for evaluating the health of the upper Penns Creek watershed and report on a regular basis.

Goal #2: To engage in community education and outreach

Strategies and Tactics:

Community Outreach

  • Publish a quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintain the website.
  • Continue to organize public meetings and educational programs, and celebrations such as CRICKFEST.
  • Organize highway and stream cleanups.


  • Expand the distribution list for the newsletter and fliers.
  • Retain and expand the membership to at least 225 by 12/2010.
  • Maintain and increase the membership’s financial support.
  • Educate the Board to assist in recruitment and fundraising.
  • Maintain the database.
  • Fall Membership Mailings and Spring Membership Appeals


  • Maintain our strong environmental education program in the Penns Valley Area School District.
  • Identify funding sources, apply for and secure funding and donations for said program.
  • Provide oversight for grant implementation and financial management, as well as monitor the unrestricted PVCA funds for such programs.
  • Partner with schools, non-profit groups and government agencies to explore new opportunities for public education in a variety of formats

Goal #3: To promote local economies

PVCA is working for watershed-wide sustainability in agriculture, food marketing, forest management, and heritage-sensitive recreation and tourism.

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Promote a dialogue about sustainable economic development in the Penns Valley Watershed community.
  • Continue to educate and promote grazing practices and markets for pasture-raised products.
  • Actively support a local foods network and infrastructure in greater Penns Valley.
  • Advocate transportation alternatives to new road construction in the Watershed

Goal #4: To maintain organizational viability

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Raise money.
  • Promote accomplishments.
  • Develop the Board.
  • Chronicle our history.
  • Recruit supporters and volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about our organization or helping out with any of our activities, please contact We would love to have you!


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