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Migration Vacation – Extras

Canadian geese live in many different habitats near water–they are often drawn to lawns because they digest grass easily, and manicured lawns give them wide, unobstructed views of predators approaching their young. These geese fly 2,000 to 3,000 miles. They usually return to the place they were born every year.

The movie “Winged Migration” recorded many different kinds of birds on their great migration, and it has some of the most striking footage of birds flying and other interesting behavior. There are a few scenarios in which birds are seen to be eaten or injured, which could be upsetting to viewers, but were actually staged by the filmmaker to show what usually happens without killing any birds. Part 5/8 is probably the most useful for this activity–it shows some amazing video specific to shorebirds, follows one set of geese through many different environments to show just how far they travel, and at about 7 minutes in shows birds landing in wetland areas and also canadian geese, which students should be familiar with. Part 4/8 also shows some useful visuals of birds using wetland areas, as well as the harsh winter conditions many face, and visuals of birds flying around the globe.

It is available on Youtube divided into 8 parts and can be found here:


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